Regarding Void Inc. Servers

Void Inc. Servers are back up and running and now have new IP addresses. These IP addresses are located below.

Void Inc. Servers

Void Inc. Servers

The Void Inc. servers are hosted along side NASS Zone ( We welcome anyone to join our servers and expect them to follow the rules.

Our two servers we have are Starbound and StarMade. Starbound is a 2D space sandbox game by a company in England called Chucklefish (

StarMade is a 3D space sandbox game by a company in German called Schine (

Void Inc. Servers

Void Inc. Starbound Server

Our starbound server is always up to date, and contains mods. Anyone is allowed to join and you do not need to request to join.

We are sorry to the people who play Starbound off of GOG, we do not have a modpack for these people. We only have support for a Steam Workshop collection. You can still visit the modpack URL and download the corrisponding mods from chucklefish mod repositiory.



IP Address:

Port: N/A

NOTE: There is no username or password for this sever.

Rules: (To make things simple we have only two rules, but more will be added when nessesary)

Void Inc. Servers

Void Inc. StarMade Server

Hello, I am thakyZ and I have created this server to connect people who like to do survival, and role play all in one, and of course people who don't like grievers. This server run's on Doomsider's Shadow Dtsd system for a modded server. And no just because it is modded doesn't mean there is custom blocks... I have opened this server to the public. The server is listed on the StarMade Server list in the StarMade client



  • Pay with credits blueprints.
  • High reward from loot.
  • Friendly admins.

IP Address:


  • 1. Respect players and admins.
  • 2. Do not claim spawm system.
  • 3. You may only fight or make a station 3 sectors out side of spawn.
  • 4 Do not have a ship that is over 250k in mass in the same sector as a planet.
  • 5. Do not grief, troll or flame (unless specifically agreed by both parties).
  • 6. No leaving huge ships near spawn.
  • 7. No ship(s) that will lag the server, but otherwise there is no block limit.
  • 8. Have fun!


  • Owners:
  • thakyZ
  • doomsider
  • Super Admins:
  • Sid
  • Darkkatana101
  • Dolphinowl245
  • Magnus


When using server voting after you have voted on the StarMade Servers List page for Void Inc. you first want to say !votepoints and see if the server has updated your points. The if it has updated your vote points use !voteexchange list to see which prize you want to get and when you have figured it out you can use !voteexchange [prize] and you will be rewarded.